Scarlett: Chapter 5

The fifth chapter of Scarlett; things change a little here – I guess.

The first day of school had finally arrived. The weather, was unusual for such a September day; it may be usually gloomy, but today was a bit too gloomy and then my stupidity brought me to the conclusion of spells. Oh, how my mind had been polluted with such gibberish, though I can’t classify it as gibberish now.

It was really hard to get up then, because the schedule remained as sloppy, lazy old weeks for a really long time. Yes, the usual time comes when I’ve got to change my undergarments, and mind you, I’m not those kind of girls who describe every second of wearing a bra – I just live with it, though it is getting pretty enjoyable. Okay, enough of this, let’s get back to the story. After putting my undergarments on, I chose to wear one of those dresses Janet advised me to wear, and for the first time, I actually thought it a good idea. Finally, that brush your hair and teeth session, but this one was interrupted by Janet, who had happened to say, “Today’s the day,” and left in a quick bolt of lightning in just a matter of a few seconds.

Breakfast was peaceful at least, not one of those boring ones. Mother looked kind of happy today. Maybe because she’d be released from her pressure of having us around 24/7 because it must be difficult to look after a big house with people in it, though both Janet and I are grown. When the bus arrived, I quickly grabbed my iPhone along with my iPod and darted off after a usual “Bye mom, love you.” moment.

I acquainted with Katherine, knowing she’ll always be there for me. Man, I don’t know what I’d be without Katherine. I’m only 15 while she’s 15 and a half (15.5). A six months difference didn’t stop us from getting to know each other well; she’s like an elder sister to me. She’s always been there right by my side, through thick and thin, right from Preschool. The cheerful, kind, caring, passive, persuasive and I don’t know what Katherine, has become slightly different now, and maybe I have to, seeing we’re both changing into witches. I wonder, is Janet blessed?

“Why are you so dreamy today?” asked Katherine, politely and curiously.

“You know.”

“Hush. We must not speak of this in publicity. You may never know there are some of them here and, they have the ability to hear things from very far away.”

“Never knew that,” I said, glumly.

The first class was English, followed by History, Mathematics, Geography, French, Physical Education, Science and then ICT. It was some sort of pity, having so many classes in a day. More classes means more homework: ugh. But there’s always the bright side: Katherine will be there with me for every class. Suddenly, somebody bumped right into me and when he looked at the both of us, Katherine grabbed my hand and I felt some shock vibrating through my body and went right up my spinal cord to all the way to my cervical bone. When he saw us in such an aghast state, he said, “I’m sorry for bumping into you guys. Say, my name’s Tyson, what are your names?”

Katherine was reluctant at first answering, and knowing her, she must think there’s something wrong with him, but my side gave it away, “I’m Jessica and she’s my best friend Katherine.”

“Well hello, a pleasure to meet you. May I escort both of you pretty ladies to the English class?”

His politeness shook Katherine’s worry away and she seemed okay, “Okay, thanks.”

When we were seated in the class, the English teacher, Mr. Thompson arrived. I couldn’t stop thinking about Tyson. He was so tall, wore a black gangster jacket (shiver), dark blue denim jeans and a pair of aviator shades. Mr. Thompson gave us a comprehension passage to us to complete and said, “I will be assessing your standard of English through this English worksheet and train you all accordingly. Your fellow comrades in other schools will not be as good as you, seeing as how I’ll tone your English up; spick and span.”

The English passage was based on a couple who just got married and had some problems about a flight and in the end, they reached safely to their destination: Moscow. When English class was over, the day passed somewhat quickly and by the end of the day, I had a huge pile of homework to do and I knew what that meant: no Katherine meeting for today. But, I was provoked, Katherine took me straight to her house and said the following: “Tyson doesn’t seem alright. When I accidentally touched him, I felt a shock through my body and I could sense one through yours as well. Please Jess, just because he’s hot and handsome doesn’t mean you don’t be cautious, alright? If I find out you’re trying to seduce him, I’m going straight to your mother. I don’t want you to hook up with him until verified. Understand?”

“Yes,” I muttered under my breath.

“I’ll have to tell mother about this. You can go home now if you want, though it’d be fun with you.”

“Bye. See you later.”

Katherine must have been serious, really serious about this. And I was really sure. Whenever she had her serious face on, there was something bound to happen, and it’s always been that way, no matter what the situation. I just couldn’t rely on her anymore. I mean, I need to know what’s wrong and what’s right just like her. I know I’m pretty vulnerable to being seductive really quick, but generally, even in such circumstances like this, seducing quickly can lead to sex and pregnancy, unless three are condoms. I’m only 15 though, shouldn’t be talking about this stuff so soon.

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